Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code

created by Type-Moon & Soft Circle French-Bread and published by Ecole Software

Windows PlayStation 2

Melty Blood: Actress Again, is the third game in the Melty Blood fighting game series. It was released in the 4Q 2008 on Sega Naomi hardware. Compared to Act Cadenza, the game features three entirely new playable characters, as well as several new alternate versions of existing characters in the PS2 version. All characters now feature three different fighting styles known as Full Moon Style, Crescent Moon Style (most similar to Act Cadenza) and Half Moon Style, which changes not only the way in which life and Magic Circuit meters function but also each characters' basic and special attacks. An upgrade for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code was launched in 18 May 2011, branded as Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver. 1.05 with new changes in Gameplay and add 2 new characters in game, Powered Ciel (Ciel's Executioner Version of Melty Blood ReACT) with her own Story Mode and ending, along with new moves and sprites for her. A final upgrade for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code was launched in 14 October 2011, named Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver. 1.07. It includes a complete version of Arche-Type Earth (princess version of Arcueid Brunestud) with new sprites and moves for her and also her own Story Mode and ending. Also added were Story Modes and endings for the Neco & Mech and Kohaku & Mech teams. Riesbyfe Stridberg can gain a new route in Story Mode, showing her as living her new life with Sion Eltnam Atlasia and Satsuki Yumizuka as a member of the Back-Alley Alliance (after the endings of Sion and Satsuki). Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code was released for the PC on 30 December 2011, along with the Blu-ray release of Carnival Phantasm Season 3 limited edition.


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