Metroid Prime

created by Retro Studios, Nintendo R&D1, Nintendo EAD & Nintendo SPD Group No.3 and published by Nintendo

GameCube Wii

The first Installment of the prime saga, Metroid Prime on the Nintendo GameCube was a real revelation, and a game that sets new standards for Metroid games, also a game that shows that you can actually change the 2D platformers into a different environment and only improve the original. On this game you take control of the heroin Samus Aran as she picks up a rescue signal from space pirate frigate Orpheon, just to find everyone on the ship dead, she battles them the way out of the ship and lands on the planet Talon IV where the real adventure begins and our heroine with you on control will have to battle with all the energy she have to survive this adventure. Chronologically the events of the game are set before Super Metroid

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