A Minecraft version exclusive to Windows 10. This version features the ability to play with Xbox Live friends (but not with those who have the Xbox One version), and to play local multiplayer with owners of the Pocket Edition. Other features include the ability to use multiple control schemes, such as a controller, keyboard, or touchscreen (for Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface), and to record and take screenshots in-game via the built-in GameDVR.


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I'm married and raising two gamers-in-training. I've been gaming for 30 years. First console was an NES I got for Christmas in the late 80's.

Games have the power that a good book or movie has. To whisk you away to another realm where you're the hero, & it's your job to save the princess.

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hi Player.me

I play Taiko, osu!, Skullgirls, and Puyo.

I'm Craft I have had 123 Surgeries. So that's why My Voice Sounds damaged, Regardless i am a TwitchTv Streamer who does daily content :D

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