The Moonrise has transformed wild Solari into savage Lunari. Only Wardens like you are capable of protecting innocent people from the fierce Lunari...are you up to the challenge? Battle savage Lunari as you explore the world of Moonrise, from the sleepy town of Gateway to the treetop community of Kijang Village. Cure these Lunari of their corruption and recruit them to your team, building a customized roster of friendly Solari to stand with you in battle. Explore dungeons such as the abandoned Gazira Mines or the sinister Mesachie Ruins to find and recruit the rarest, most powerful Solari to your team! Customize your battle strategy by selecting the perfect skills for your Solari and your Warden, and seek out the right Warden gear to complement this strategy. Personalize your avatar with a wide range of cosmetic options. Test your tactics by challenging other players in strategic, real-time combat in a variety of ranked and unranked PvP modes. As you delve deeper into this compelling RPG adventure, you’ll learn details of the forgotten history of the world. What’s the secret origin of the Xenari Caverns? Who built the undersea colony known as Blue Haven? Uncover mysterious plots as you travel to new lands and meet a variety of entertaining characters. Years of Warden training have given you great power, but with that power comes a responsibility to protect the world from the threat posed by the Moonrise. The time has come for you to show your skills and prove your courage!


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