Muramasa Rebirth, the PS Vita version of the hit action-RPG Muramasa: The Demon Blade features completely redesigned high-res graphics, enhanced controls and available DLC. Become the warriors Kisuke or Momohime, collect all 108 deadly demon blades and battle mythical monsters, samurai and ninja!

I like things and stuff. But mostly stuff. I draw stuff at: http://www.zombiepudding.com

It is I, the Blahmarrow. As in, BlahMarrow of Playfire, the site GMG murdered slowly and painfully.

Welcome to my profile. I am a hardcore gamer and collector of videogames. A Trophy/Achievement Hunter. I also enjoy writing reviews on video games.

Just a gamer. Trying to be the best like no one ever was (well, no). Rate games using "wow" and "niewow". Bork

Generic user.

Competitive Virtua Fighter who loves Vainglory. Decades experience competing & community building. Managed restaurants, event centers, and scenes.

3ds, Vita, wii u. (And steam... welp)


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