Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

created by Idol FX AB and published by Mindscape, Inc.


Your family has been taken by Malachi, and you need enter in your castle and face the horror before dawn and kill the monster. For it you will count with guns and magic artifacts and item who your family will give as you save him.

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Then it doesn't matter which way you go,

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gAINED oVER 7,000 fOLLOWERS oN tWITCH (iN aBOUT 1 yEAR) bEFORE nEW aDMINS wRONGFULLY bANNED mE, hERE iS pROOF!! https://youtu.be/RxzXOY5h9aI?t=1m35s

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