Hey look, it’s Oh, Deer! This is a video game about drifting your station wagon along the Perfect Line to Grandma’s House. Is it a metaphor for the futility of human existence? Is it a militant vegan parable? Is it an crass advertisement for family automobiles? Let the mystery unfold before you. This is an Alpha version of a bigger game we want to make, so why not help us make it better!? What else are you doing right now that's so important, come on! In the future, the more deer you hit, the more dark and disturbing the graphics will get. The more you avoid, the lighter and fluffier it'll get! Weird! But right now, only the music does that. Speaking of which! Did you know that Motohiro Kawashima made our soundtrack? If his name doesn’t ring a bell, have yourself a listen-see to this song right here. Turn it up and try not to void your bowels. That’s Streets of Rage 3! The best Streets of Rage that ever there was! Kawashima did the music for it, and Oh, Deer! is the only game he's been lead composer on since then! Crazy! What the heck, why not listen to him performing a live mix of a bunch of the music? I think we can all agree you’ve earned it. But yeah! Come play our video game, it is 49 cents on the Vita store. Hit all the deer or avoid all the deer! I can't tell you how to live your life! Honk honk!! OH, DEER! ALPHA FEATURES: Smooth driving. Crazy drifting. Hot tunes. Blasterly sprites. Mad amounts of deer.