Outlast is a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels. The game revolves around a freelance investigative journalist, Miles Upshur who decides to investigate a remote psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado. Outlast was first released exclusively for Microsoft Windows on September 4, 2013, and later in 2014, ported to and made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Outlast generally received positive reviews from critics and it was praised for its horror elements and gameplay.

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I'm Battleguy203, you can call me Sag. I play games and that's about it.

Just remember while you are dealing with thag crippling depression our Earth is in the multiverse. Earth-Prime.

All about PC Gaming mostly Space Games lol, Tek, Anime, Manga, and so much more!

I love to play video games. My favorite video game of all time is Skyrim!!! I love to play horror games as well such as Outlast or Alien: Isolation

I am Low end gamer from morocco Spec : I3-3110M 2.4GHz intel HD 4000 6Gb RAM

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