Unannounced from the far reaches of space a mysterious deep space “Ark” arrives shrouded in suspicion and fear. This enigma lands on Earth and the immense deep space “Ark” stood as a majestic charade silently drawing the intense query of the Earth’s most preeminent scientists to provide an answer to the conundrum that has created extraordinary monumental amounts of fear and doomsday speculation. This interstellar “Ark” stood in eerie silence and a dead calm for many months never revealing its intention. Suddenly, all silence was broken in a rapid barrage of nuclear missiles that hit the surface of the extraterrestrial vessel. A unified global government response motivated as much by fear as ignorance had unknowingly, under the guise of taking the final step for the salvation of mankind, launch an all out an attempt to destroy the ships by any means. To strike a “Huge blow” were the morbid and self-eradicating "the last words of mankind", which brought to the verge of extinction the entire human race. The world was plunged into darkness, but at the eye of the storm there remained an untouched area around the ark. This was only place where the world survived. Now it's Pangaea, a dangerous, mysterious, and foreboding new world in which the remnants of humanity must begin the process of survival and the reconstruction of human civilization from the ashes of the old. Pangaea New World -- Long live open world a post Apocalypse where players can participate in a single server environment to trade, fight, keep their run or join the group for a quest, you can see up to 30-40 people in a single quest.