Persona 4 Golden

created by Atlus Co., Ltd. & P Studio and published by Atlus Co., Ltd., Atlus U.S.A., Inc. & NIS America, Inc.

PlayStation Vita

A rumor is going around school that by looking at a TV screen at midnight on a rainy night, the face of your soul mate will be revealed. But a grisly chain of murders seems to be connected to the rumor, and you must gather a team strong enough to brave the bizarre world inside the TV and solve this mystery!

I'm a gamer first then an artist....but now I'm both.

I'm almost 40, I'm female, and I have spent a ridiculous amount of my life playing video games.

I play modern games and have a soft spot for retro games and retro styles! I also stream sometimes on YouTube. Check out my Twitter for updates.

Yo! I'm a gamer who spends an awful lot of time on JRPGs. You'll probably see me giving Nintendo and Square Enix some love. Anyways, welcome!

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