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A gamer from the 90s...

Generic user.

It's Turbo Man, I go by many different names, and I'm officially the candidate of playing sum' games, y'know

Hello my name is Justin I play games with my fingers,I eat with my fingers(jk I use utensils duh) and I drink with my mouth

Nerdette, Gamer, Student and most of the time all mighty MOTHRA ;)

Soy un Gamer con canal de YouTube, mi meta es estrenerlos a todos ustedes sin fin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamF52Uf72_Qk2RszqjMlfw

Ps4: Domino2503 .... Brony!

Muchas gracias por seguirme y que lo disfruten mucho.

Wife, mother, Gamer and PROUD Member of the Gamer's Porch I have been gaming as long as I can remember, and I play to have fun.

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