Pokémon Platinum

created by Game Freak, Inc. and published by Nintendo & The Pokémon Company

Nintendo DS

As the story unfolds, players will encounter the mysterious new Distortion World, an area unlike any seen in a Pokemon video game before. The Battle Frontier area (first introduced in Pokemon Emerald) has been added to Sinnoh, containing five new Battle Facilities for Trainers to challenge, each with its own special rules. Players can explore the new Wi-Fi Plaza a virtual Pokemon amusement park filled with activities, including three new mini-games where up to 4 players can compete at once.

Just a average gamer. I like everything but the sport and horror genres (with exception to NHL for Canadian reasons).

I play video games, watch movies, and use YouTube. That last one takes up about 95% of my time but video games are about 4% of the rest!

What's up guys!? If you ever wanna discuss anything about the Persona games, I'm your man!

Thats wright!

hi. I suck at video games. milk is my favorite drink.

i sometimes play games??? probably watching anime, tho~

New to PS4, please ask before you add me and girls only

Rhythm gamer main Admiral.

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