The 3DS sequel to Pokémon Rumble on Nintendo's Wiiware e-shop. The game includes Pokémon from up to Pokémon Black & White. The game was developed by Ambrella, and takes place in the mind of a small child admiring a collection of toy Pokémon in a store window.


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im a extreme pokemon fan.

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Hello, I am a Norwegian streamer. I am going to play many different kind of games. Just ask me questions if you want to. I will be happy to answer!

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Azumarill (Japanese: マリルリ Marilli) is a dual-type Water/Fairy Pokémon, and prior to Generation VI, a pure Water-type Pokémon.

I'm Crasher! The Surface Robot of Player.me! I like all kinds of game and live on a floating island. Know Mario ? I killed him. So better take care.

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