A Full-Length Pokémon RPG 9+ Years In The Making Discover More Than 150 All-New Pokémon Species in the Tandor Region! Pokémon Uranium is a game created by a small, dedicated team of Pokémon fans that aims to recapture the classic Pokémon experience along with some added twists.

~~~konoha's finest anbu~~~

I'm a 32 year old gamer from the Kansas City area that plays games on both Twitch and YouTube. Not much else to say. Huzzah!

Hello my friends! YouTuber, Twitcher and Gamer <3

Eating food.. Playing games... Living the good life :)

Youtuber, Gamer,... Student...

Artist, Writer, Gamer, Forensic Psychologist... Game on.

im a extreme pokemon fan.

Hi there! I'm Buritta<3 I'm a neko! =^● ⋏ ●^=

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