A Full-Length Pokémon RPG 9+ Years In The Making Discover More Than 150 All-New Pokémon Species in the Tandor Region! Pokémon Uranium is a game created by a small, dedicated team of Pokémon fans that aims to recapture the classic Pokémon experience along with some added twists.

im a extreme pokemon fan.

Hi there! I'm Buritta<3 I'm a neko! =^● ⋏ ●^=

My name is Paeltor. I am 22, and I play mostly PC and Xbox One games. Come kick it with me!

Generic user.

Hey there everryone! My name is actually Directionally Challenged, but this site wont let me put that in.. I love video games :D and stuff.

Primarily Xbox One player. I occasionally do cool things. Aspiring writer and makeup artist.

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