Pool Nation

created by Cherry Pop Games and published by Mastertronic Group Ltd.

Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360

Downloadable pool game for consoles and PC.


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Hi I'm Xei... Guess that's it

Tassio, 30, Brazilian, Since 1993 played a lot in Master System, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and Arcade in childhood, today, I play it on PC.

I'm Dewtain, I like playing games. I'm really bad at games, really bad, but that could be more fun for you to watch.

So fuhqued up. The ultimate geek girl- builds computers, gamer, Android phone expert, website expert.

I'm just an ole southern boy that got a NES for Christmas in 1986 or 87 or so and been a gamer since.

British Guy, Streamer, YouTuber, Idiot, Funny, Smartass ... Lovable!

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