Muliplayer game where you and 5 crew mates man a starship choose to be the weapons man, engineer, pilot, science, or the captain to order them into an effective team while you explore planets, board ships and warp about the cosmos

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Krovax is a 47 year old, English streamer on Twitch. You can find him at www.twitch.tv/krovaxtv

"Jump on in soldier... the war is fine." My alternate handle is -=Paladin-Actual=- Or just PaladinActual. Air-mutherfu**in-borne!

I like to play RPGs, read/watch Anime/manga, and some FPS games. I own a PS4, 3DS, and PC :3

Started gaming when I was about 4 years old on my brothers Amiga 1100, hardware has only improved but my love for gaming stays the same.

The guy who video games and YouTubes under the shroud of unknown.

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