A realistic free to play racer for your handheld device. Features real locations and cars.


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Petrolhead,Youtuber,Gamer,Techie,V-logger, Traveller, Go-pro-ist,Adventurer, Streamer...for more information please contact the stalker bureau.

Certified Digital Marketer, Android & Java Developer. Bing & AdWords Certified Advertiser. I love Cars. Love to Travel and Fooding....

gAINED oVER 7,000 fOLLOWERS oN tWITCH (iN aBOUT 1 yEAR) bEFORE nEW aDMINS wRONGFULLY bANNED mE, hERE iS pROOF!! https://youtu.be/RxzXOY5h9aI?t=1m35s

a 17 year old A Gaming youtuber who is all about his fans !!! hope you enjoy my channel and please leave some constructive criticism :D

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