Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is a multiplayer future-sport where you race around skate park / dance clubs in jet-powered robots and throw exploding dodgeballs at each other. It's the return of the insanely fun Arena Combat Shooter, and its focus on the core elements of skillful movement, exhiliarating projectile combat, and intense audiovisual environments makes it an incredible and unique FPS experience.


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I'm married and raising two gamers-in-training. I've been gaming for 30 years. First console was an NES I got for Christmas in the late 80's.

Hello my friends! YouTuber, Twitcher and Gamer <3

Just a young gamer. Apart of 911 clan on Dirty Bomb. I also occasionally stream on twitch. ~I may not be the best but I'm willing to learn~

French Gamer since I'm 5. Streamer and writer for my blog "Piece of Geek". I create my own videogames <3.

Yes, I am 11.

Hello, I'm Comixs. Im from NYC, love gaming and programming.

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