Based on the old favourite ‘hide and seek’ Rogue Operatives is an online multiplayer game in which a team of rogue operatives attempts to evade a team of operatives. The rogues play as objects that are level specific and can change their appearance at any time; for example, a rogue may start the level disguised as a barrel. The idea is that you will position yourself amongst clutter trying to blend with your surroundings thus hiding from the operatives. When spotted however, he may decide to change into a hay bale to evade the operative, while on the run. The operative’s objective is to locate and shoot all the rogues. Once an rogue has been shot he is now an operative. As an operative you will be able to move freely around the levels. Within each of the maps traps are in place that can be triggered either by the rogues or the operatives, alongside collectable power-ups. The operatives possess an experimental energy weapon which they use to convert the rogues back to operatives.


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