S4 League

created by Pentavision Entertainment and published by Pentavision Entertainment & Neowiz Games

Windows PSP

Got the feeling to rock some guns? Wish to chase to your hearts content and kill your opponents? Hope to score in goals to show you are the best? Well if you are all three, the Net-o-Sphere would gladly take you in hand. Past seven open game seasons and another in-coming, S4 League shows players what's the meaning of teamwork and with a great interface and character sprites as well! With several modes, customizable clothing and guns, and smoking hot graphics. What are you waiting for!? Show me your S4!

One of the leaders of legendary CzechoSlovak clan in Battlefield 3, the PIRATES. Main games:BF4, OW, HoTS.

Gamer from Philippines. Always welcome to new friends. :)

I am sad and like anime

Hi, i'm italian and i'm 19! I have a youtube channel: CornFlaix I do sometimes some video where i play games :)

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