ScreamRide, is a very different style game to what i would normally play. ScreamRide is split into 4 parts Racing, Demolition. Engineering and Sandbox. The Racing/Career element of the game this isn't a game based on riding roller-coasters it wants you to get the highest amount of points collecting boost at just the right time, grinding on 2 wheels and just simply going EXTREMELY fast. The Demolition element of the game i would say is like a 3D version of Angry Birds launch a roller coaster carriage out of a crane smashing the buildings with explosive hidden in secret sneaky areas In the engineer mode what you want to do NOT do is make a nice little cozy roller-coaster and share it with your friends. What you want to do is make a high speed horrifying roller-coaster to that gives plenty of opportunity to make your way high up in the leaderboards smashing the noobs at the bottom In the sandbox you need to try develop a machine of mash destruction that can destroy everything that you can getting the high points again and destroying the noobs at the bottom "It turns roller-coaster riding from being a fun activity to a blood slaughtering game; destroying virtual characters plunging to there death but don't worry its what they love doing."


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