Shattered Skies raises open-world sandbox looter-shooter style games to the next level. Step into a massive experience set in a world where all hell has broken loose. A comet impact has shattered the moon into countless pieces which were pulled down by earth's gravity along with fragments of the comet itself, resulting in thousands of meteoric impacts. Areas that meteor shards landed have brought strange crystal growth formations all over the world and remaining humans are just now discovering how to harness this great crystal energy, granted they can survive the monsters lurking in a dense fog near the crystals.


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I do things with stuff.

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Hi my name is Survani. I am a brand new Twitch streamer. My goal for my Twitch Channel is to create a community that is complete united.

A veteran of the US Army living in the Philippines and enjoying life playing video games

Wadup! I'm oBeE and I'm addicted to video games. You'll usually catch me on DayZ doing some PvP banditry. I stream almost every night after work.

hi guys just getting back into streaming and throwing my hand at the YouTube videos

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