Silent Hill

created by Team Silent & Konami Corporation and published by Konami Corporation

PlayStation PlayStation 3 PSP PlayStation Vita

Harry Mason and his daughter, Cheryl, are driving to their favorite vacation spot. Late that night, a figure suddenly appears from out of the darkness. Harry turns the wheel in panic, and the car careens off the road, knocking Harry unconscious . Awakening sometime later, he realizes that Cheryl is missing. Stumbling out of the wreckage, he heads towards the small town of Silent Hill.

Gamer nerd with an interest in anything weird, creepy, or unique.

Hello there! My name is Anne. I've been playing games since I'm six, especially horror games. I also upload gameplays to YouTube.

Ilustradora freelancer, streamer de vez em nunca e co-fundadora do Bichos Geeks.

In my restless dreams I see that town...

Best Gamer Ever! Also Best Dad Ever! Also Best Husband Ever! I have proof of all three!

i just love to be in it for the enjoyment of the hunt!

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