Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

created by Ironclad Games Corporation and published by Stardock Corporation & Kalypso Media


Command a space-faring empire in Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, the new stand-alone expansion that combines 4X depth with real-time strategy gameplay.

I'm a twitch streamer and a youtuber, I play a variety of different games. I like to have fun, talk to people watching my streams, and make friends.

My name is Phoenix and I have a small YouTube channel that is dedicated to gaming.

Help, I'm trapped in this little box

I am a PC gamer. Need you know more?

College senior, gaming is my ultimate escape. I stream on the side through either Twitch or Beam.pro. Lets all just have fun.

I really enjoy strategy and tactical based games.

Certified Ethical Hacker, Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, IT infrastructure & security consultant, enthusiast photographer, gamer

I like things and stuff. But mostly stuff. I draw stuff at: http://www.zombiepudding.com

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