Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

created by Sumo Digital Ltd. and published by Sega

Windows Wii U PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Nintendo 3DS PlayStation Vita Android iOS

A sequel to the 2010 kart racer featuring Sega mascots driving vehicles that adapt to land, sea and air.

Just a brazilian guy that likes gaming in general.

Name: Kristian Country: Norway Born: 1993 Currently obsessed with Dark Souls series.

Anime-style artist also known as Azune Konpeki or Azunelabs. Big SEGA fan.

30 something female who loves videogames even though I play them badly! | EU stream manager for Savage Gaming. | Contact: haley@savage.gg

I play video games. I also do things.

Recovering Final Fantasy Tactics and Warhawk addict

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