Space Engineers

created by Keen Software House and published by Keen Software House


Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining. Space Engineers utilizes a realistic volumetric-based physics engine: all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. The game comes with two game modes: creative and survival.

I love Anime, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Sci-Fi. I have my own Minecraft modpack called "Township Farms" that I'm working on.

hi i'm ben solo a youtuber who like to play games and make video's

I'm quiet, I like to play games and listen to Netflix/Music. I hate Starwars, love Sci-Fi though. I like to practise 3d in spare time.

Hey, I'm Sethg and I like to play casual games and have a blast doing it! Dallas, TX

Hiya! I'm a gaming enthusiast who takes life too seriously. I strive to try to make people laugh - or entertain them.

Help, I'm trapped in this little box

Minecraft Modder. Procrastinator Surpreama. Hobbyist Programmer. College Student. Geek. Designer.

I'm just a guy following his passion to make gaming videos because I play a lot of games and want to share them with you.

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