SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie

created by Heavy Iron Studios & WayForward Technologies and published by THQ & Heavy Iron Studios

Windows GameCube PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Xbox Game Boy Advance

King Neptune's crown has been stolen, and all evidence points to Mr. Krabs. Join Spongebob and Patrick on their journey to retrieve the crown and save their beloved friend from execution.

It's my first time on Player.me, I will start to Livestream on this site later on. The long term of my username is: Chakka Kaaa! Chakka is a fruit.

I'm a girl that loves to game... and werewolves :P

Welcome to my profile. I am a hardcore gamer and collector of videogames. A Trophy/Achievement Hunter. I also enjoy writing reviews on video games.

Generic user.

Artist, Gamer, Dreamer.

You're not my father but I'll still call you daddy. #gufusnup

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