The three flash their engines and turn to engage you. You charge your shields up full and heat up your guns. You swear to yourself, if you make it through this, to hell with living on the straight and narrow. Times are too tight. You can't afford to keep losing loads. It keeps going like this, you might have to become a pirate tomorrow. The pirates fan out in an attack formation... but first, you have to make it through today. Welcome to Star Citizen. OK.....Weird

"Like the celestial winds I move from system to system, planet to planet, a wanderer who unlike many, isn't shackled but is free to explore!"

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Hi My Name Is MungkonAsianOnline I'm PC Gaming

I'm a huge advocate of Zwift, an indoor cycling and fitness platform. If you need a community to join or want more information on it, let me know!

Hello! I stream games like Star Citizen, Paragon, Rainbow6Seige, and more!

It's Turbo Man, I go by many different names, and I'm officially the candidate of playing sum' games, y'know

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