Star Conflict

created by StarGem Inc and published by Gaijin Entertainment

Mac Linux Windows

A free-to-play MMO third-person space combat simulator with PvP, co-op and Freeplay modes.

Student of Mechanical engineering. 23 years old from Serbia (South Eastern Europe, not Siberia Russia). Gamer my whole life.

◘ Ploiesti, Romania ◘ 16 years old ◘ CS:GO, LOL, SMITE, BF3, MOH

Generic user.

Playing and streaming from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Avid Star Citizen Player • Beginner Streamer (Sci-fi focus) • Occasional Shadowrunner • Star Pirate

I like to play games before I play games. And then I play some more. Gaming for 29 years. Still smashing the little round things.

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