Staxel is a farming/exploration/discovery/town-life game with a relaxing, laid back feel. You can build a farm and grow a huge variety of crops and flowers, create an endless garden, make friends with the people in your village, explore the world around you, and discover amazing new sights.


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I'm a Artist that loves playing with pixel and voxel creations along with animating various art and sprite sheets.

Hey! My name is Aaron, I make games sometimes, mostly, if the planets align just right.

Iam creative dood that express himself tho making models and textures for Minecraft.

Cool.Cute.Deadly. :3

Welcome to my Channel! I am a Let's Player, and I go under the alias of Res on Youtube. I spend my time doing 'Let's Plays' alone or with my friends!

Coding for fun. Seriously. ヽ(⌐■ヮ■)ノ

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