Stuart Little 2

created by Hyperspace Cowgirls & Magenta Software Ltd. and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Activision & Atari SA

Windows PlayStation Game Boy Advance

Evil Falcon, ruler of the animal underworld in Stuart Little's New York, has hidden stolen jewels throughout the city and threatens Stuart's pal Margalo if she does not aid him in his criminal adventures. Join Stuart as he searches the city for the missing jewels and defends his little bird friend. Explore 7 areas of the city by land, water or air with Stuart's pals Margalo and Snowbell. Watch out for creepy crawlies in the sewers, shoot down obstacles in the back alley, crawl through huge sand pits and climb trees in Central Park. Venture forth with Stuart as he zips across the city in his biplane, swims across the family aquarium and charges over land in cars, carts or on his trusty skateboard.


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