Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

created by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo

Game Boy Nintendo 3DS

While Mario was away in Sarasa Land, Wario sweeps in and puts the whole of Mario Land under a magic spell renaming it Wario Land. It's up to Mario to come back and save the day again!


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Hi. I'm Stu. I own far too many games that I've barely played. Join me on my journey to maybe reduce my gaming backlog maybe.

Recovering Final Fantasy Tactics and Warhawk addict

I'm a nice, kind-hearted guy who loves games of all types, and not just video games. And... Uh... 150 characters is nowhere near enough.

31 year old, gamer, collector, animu & mango fan, metal earth model builder.

RPGs, JRPGs, MMOs, Anime, History, and Pasta. What more do you need?

Used to be GamerUp on Playfire I love technology, video games, tv shows, movies, comics, anime, manga

I'm a girl that loves to game... and werewolves :P

Gamer for life.

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