Super Meat Boy

created by Team Meat and published by Team Meat

Mac Linux Windows Wii U PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One PlayStation Vita Android

When his beloved Bandage Girl is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus, the diminutive yet plucky Meat Boy springs into action!


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I'm a musician and graphic designer. I've been playing video games for pretty much my whole life.

Hi, My name is Destiny, and I love to play games. I also vlog, react,and have my own gaming clan and store.

Wanna watch me play games, talk about shit and extremely edit some videos down because I fucked up so often? Good.

Generic user.

Embracing life, means accepting death.

It's Turbo Man, I go by many different names, and I'm officially the candidate of playing sum' games, y'know

I work at Player.me GIFs, Anime, Indie Games, Retro Games, XBOX One & PS4. Hit me up if there is anything I can do!

whaaaaaaaat, short and long bio?

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