Survarium is an online massive multiplayer shooter with first-person view. The events take place in the near future in the aftermath of an ecological catastrophe, in a world where only one man out of a hundred survived, in a world where anarchy and chaos reign, where every step can kill you, where every hour you have to prove your right to live! -created by former developers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Stop it. Stop it. Yes you, stop what you're doing and....

Hello guys!! I´m trying to reach 200 subscribers on my Youtube Channel!! If you can help, please do it!! Thank you all bros and stay cool!! ;D

Hey ! It's NOISEOFCL again, a Gamer with a rich 8-bit past. Watch me enjoy playing video games the way it should be played.

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Bios are really cool but why you dont click on my Profile to see a nice Gaming guy from Germany?! <3

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