System Shock 2

created by Looking Glass Studios, Inc. & Irrational Games and published by Electronic Arts

Mac Linux Windows

Developed by Looking Glass Studios and released in 1999, this science fiction-based first-person shooter role-playing game established new standards for storytelling and gameplay.

Since 1992. My disease starts when my dad gave me a NES joystick. I think it was in 1995; But im sure that not stopped, and will never cease.

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That one idiot who makes Corruptions videos and plays all sorts of games at https://www.youtube.com/user/BL00MIN

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(I'm FukuchiChiisaia21). A lewd bird who wanders around the world in search of real-life girlfriend(s).

Connoisseur of Movies, video games and music. I'm a sad meat sack with colored pixels for friends.

I dunno what to say about myself

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