Team Fortress Classic

created by Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

Mac Windows

Team Fortress Classic is a class-based multiplayer shooter developed by Valve. It is an updated version of a Quake mod called Team Fortress, and focuses on ten classes of characters.


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Gamer Guy from Toronto, Canada. Grew up in the '90's with video games (hitting 30 in 2017 and still going strong).

Gamer since age 2. I'll play just about anything. I own a bunch of systems and games. Hopefully one day I'll get the NES Classic Edition.

Connoisseur of Movies, video games and music. I'm a sad meat sack with colored pixels for friends.

In every delight, a nightmare comes lying in wait.

Gamer for life.

I'm an Australian Gamer who plays on a PS4, and MacBook Air at the moment. (I'm poor, got no money).

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