The King of Fighters XIII

created by SNK Playmore and published by SNK Playmore, Atlus U.S.A., Inc., Rising Star Games Ltd. & GMO Internet Group

Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Android iOS Arcade

The Ash Saga comes to a close as more than 30 characters face off against each other in 3-on-3 combat.

Just some French gamer.

Cimmarian is a video game entertainment community created by Kenneth "CrackMasterK" Boxall, From youtube to a whole social network Cimmarian is here f

Aspiring dev, 18, currently cutting my teeth on Doom WADs and Unreal Tournament '99 maps. Difficult to offend, easy to argue with.

i live in: Colombia, Bogota my games more played: Osu! and Stepmania years: 18 birthday: 9 november

dood in the Philippines who loves fighting games and classic JRPGs. Smash Bros PH

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