The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

created by Nihon Falcom Corp. and published by Nihon Falcom Corp., XSEED Games & Ghostlight Ltd.

Windows PlayStation 3 PSP

The first game in the Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki trilogy. Follow Estelle and Joshua Bright on their journey to become Senior Bracers.

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Hello ^^ my name is Mary and I have a gaming channel on youtube called Simply Gameplays. I play RPG's and horror games so check it out if you like ^.^

RPGs are my life. Story is everything! I do console, pc, single player and MMOs. Favorite class Magic/Healer. I also love Japanese dub imports.

The Cycle. Lame. Cool.

Fighting huge monsters all by yourself is always satisfying.

A traveller roaming the web. More news of this uncanny mystery at 11. || Artwork on avatar by Pixiv user Yora (https://t.co/Od40mGFmOK) ||

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