The Wonderful 101

created by PlatinumGames, Hexa Drive & Nintendo SPD Group No.2 and published by Nintendo

Wii U

A game from Hideki Kamiya, exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U. Control one hundred superheroes in real time as they save the Earth from a massive alien invasion.


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I play video games. I also do things.

31 year old, gamer, collector, animu & mango fan, metal earth model builder.

Hailing from the east coast of Scotland, I enjoy all things video games, movies, comics, anime, ''wrestling'' and a few team sports.

I honestly hate video games.

Generic user.

Gamer de la oldschool.

What a horrible night to have a curse

Nintendo addict, Final Fantasy fan, anything anime related. Shulk, Cloud and Robin main in Smash... I also love tea

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