TimeSplitters 2

created by Crytek UK and published by Eidos Interactive

GameCube PlayStation 2 Xbox

TimeSplitters 2 is a frantic rush through time to rescue the Time Crystals from the evil TimeSplitters, who would like nothing more than to end mankind's existence.

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A gamer who is learning to cope with his anger and is trying to start enjoying meeting new people

Fan of all things video games. Favorite developers are From Software, Atlus, CD Project Red and Obsidian

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Hey everybody I'm Musk! I'm a variety streamer dedicated to providing you with a quality stream. I lean more towards streaming violent FPS and RPG's.

Gamer, collector, geek and fool! ^.^

~ ☆ 魔法少女 ☆ ~ こんにちはインクポ二です。

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