Touhou 05 - Mystic Square

created by Amusement Vision, Ltd. and published by Amusement Vision, Ltd.

The fifth game in the Touhou Project, and the last on the PC-98.

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i play 2hu

Hey guys my name is Panda and I am a nerdy gamer who posts videos on YouTube every weekday. I like games and meeting new people so come hang with me!

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Hi! Soy Chubique, una persona común y corriente a la que le gustan los videojuegos. También subo vídeos a youtube de vez en cuando~

Heyyy there! The name is Lolishy♥. You may have heard of me from the Internet. I'm one of Etika-senpai's lolis that he LOVES to plays with~

A proud danmaku / bullet hell shoot 'em up player. Shmups are my lifestyle! c: I love achieving things, especially when they're difficult!

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