TrackMania Original

created by Nadeo and published by Deep Silver & Digital Jesters Ltd.


TrackMania includes some pre-constructed tracks that players can race on to unlock "coppers", the in-game currency. These can be used to buy different building blocks, usually called "blocks", for their track, including regular roads, checkpoints, long bends, loop-the-loops, and jumps, which all snap to a grid automatically. Regular roads can be dragged to create straight sections as well as 90 degree corners. Most other blocks are automatically connected by placing them next to each other. There are three environments to choose from: Rally, Snow, and Desert, each of which offers a unique car. There are also three modes: Race, Puzzle, and Survival, each of which features an equal number of tracks for each environment. The "Survival" mode does not appear in the later games, though Platform bears some similarities. Power Up! [Free DLC] Download: http://www.fileplanet.com/139011/130000/fileinfo/Track-Mania-PowerUp


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