A game of cellular logic The aim of each puzzle level is to create molecules of a mysterious multicoloured substance: tricone. To solve each level, you must interact with the components and structure of a strange micro-organism. For example, you will often use catalysts to combine basic resource nodes into useful compounds. Or sometimes, you will break apart compounds to release their resources. You must change the cell structure, sometimes breaking open cell walls, at other times creating new divisions within a cell. Each level can only be solved by figuring out the right sequence of interactions. As you progress, different elements are introduced, creating more difficult logic puzzles and requiring you to think outside the cell. Features A total of 100 puzzle levels ship with the game A wealth of different cell elements which all interact with each other A series of guided tutorial levels for each element, before you're plunged into the harder puzzle levels Key-based progression -- as you learn how more elements work, levels which use these elements become unlocked Non-linear -- some puzzles can be skipped if you are finding them too tough Full undo / redo capability while solving puzzles Graphical level editor to make your own puzzles. It's built in to the game and requires no coding Tricone Lab Online: click a button to put your custom puzzles online Browse and download custom puzzles created by other users, and see if you can solve them! Play statistics collected for each level Gain Steam achievements as you gain keys in the game Cloud-saving -- your game progress and custom levels are saved across Steam installs Color-blind mode About the developer Partickhill Games Limited is a one-man indie gamedev operation based in Glasgow, Scotland. The one man is me, Josh Singer. In my day job I'm a bioinformatics research programmer at the Centre for Virus Research. I've developed tricone lab over about 5 years in my spare time. Sound effects were contributed by Jack Menhorn and the music is by Iain Foxwell aka holobeams.


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