In the beginning, the Maker created the world. He chose the most brilliant, dazzling star... and called it "Aetherion." A beautiful name for a beautiful creation. Calling upon the power of his Celestial Scale, the Maker then brought forth two goddesses. He entrusted the twins with the Calendar of Creation... within which was written the very fate of the world itself.

Generic user.

I just don't know what I'm doing with my life :3

20 | Anime and Manga lover | Casual Gamer | Fav quote "If I could change my ways I would, you know I would stop these thoughts if I could".

Ohai there, I'm Carlos! I like to play MMORPG's and I happen to like to make people feel awkward.

You know that quiet person that almost never says a thing? Yah, that would be me.

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