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Mac Linux Windows Xbox 360

Ultratron began as an XNA Xbox Indie game and was rebuilt for a full release on Steam. It's a futuristic dual-joystick shooter.


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A gamer from the 90s...

Generic user.

I stream on Twitch and make YouTube videos**. I'm also a huge math nerd, band geek, and rain lover for life!

Adventures in Geekery and Nerdy Mishegoss. A Technologist Lost in the Wilderness.

I'm an old fart who started playing before most of your moms and dads even knew each other. The way things are going I'll probably die while gaming.

I believe the snail is edible and the slug isn't... and I heavily admire the guy who discovered it from experience.

I am a gamer, I play lots of games, play with me if you like! I have a YouTube channel where I play games, I upload a couple of videos a week!

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