Discover the Man. Uncover a Legend. Experience one of the most revered game series of all-time as you follow the perilous journey of Nathan Drake across a trilogy of thrilling adventures.


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I'm an Australian Gamer who plays on a PS4, and MacBook Air at the moment. (I'm poor, got no money).

Game is life, bro.

Generic user.

Love candies, pizza, hot dogs. Ah! I also like video-games.

It's Turbo Man, I go by many different names, and I'm officially the candidate of playing sum' games, y'know

Gamer/Trophy Hunter. My name on PSN is oisinff66 add me if you want.

PS4 player & building a PC. Love beyond two souls, heavy rain, any tomb raider game, uncharted collection. Adventure/horror player.

well...just a gamer

loves rpg, tps anime & manga.

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