Virtua Fighter

created by SEGA-AM2 and published by Sega

Windows GameCube Genesis Saturn Dreamcast Arcade

The first 3D fighter ever, Virtua Fighter was released by SEGA originally as an arcade title. Spawning 4 proper sequels, the game eventually made its way to home consoles, most notably with a haphazard 32X version. The game was influential in popularizing 3D polygon graphics across the video game industry.


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What a horrible night to have a curse

Competitive Virtua Fighter who loves Vainglory. Decades experience competing & community building. Managed restaurants, event centers, and scenes.

I like fighting, fps, racing, and action games because I have a short attention span. If a game takes over 15hrs to beat, count me out.

From colombia, since i was a little child I played games with my grandpa and father :D VIDEOGAMES FOR EVER!!!

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