WildStar™ infuses amazing stylized art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on a wondrous alien world, WildStar delivers a wild and mysterious adventure among the ruins of an advanced civilization - allowing you to play the way you want to play while experiencing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery!

Old school MMO gamer. IRL I am a guru of all things Digital Marketing. Data, Development, Websites, UX, SEO, Analytics, Social Media, & Advertising.

Hack n Slash preff. Doesent like FPS games. Currently playing Heroes of the Storm,Ex LoL player.

Goodday am Kimisaru 28 years old and from the Netherlands.I am a Live streamer on Beam.pro & Hitbox.tv.And also a small time youtuber:)

Silence&night all I need.... and mb pizza :DD I like, I LOOVE drawing.. and ofc play video games :D

Love gaming and just started getting into streaming. It's all good in the world.

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