Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

created by Splash Damage, Ltd & Zenimax Media Inc and published by Activision Value Publishing, Inc. & Zenimax Media Inc

Mac Windows

Change the course of fictional-history by siding with either USA or Germany and fight for freedom or oppression on various objective-based battlefields in this free online shooter.


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I'm an IT student who mostly dabbles in game development and cybersecurity. I live in Britain where I became neither a superhero nor an astronaut.

I create mods for Fallout 4. I create videos of those mods. I love music. When I can inspire others I become inspired.

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im ps4 and pc gamers living in reunion island,i play a lot of different game but i love beat them all game and co op game,i have a facebook page,a twi

I am a daily Twitch streamer aiming to put a smile on that wonderful face of yours!

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