Imagine yourself as a nomad of the skies... You and your ragtag band wander from island to island on your cobbled-together airship, scouring for lost technology and scavenging for resources. You are constantly trying to improve your ship, keep it fueled, and keep it repaired. Sky predators, storms, and other travelling bands; all of which could be a threat to your ship, will dominate your thoughts. But in the back of your mind, you still ask yourself questions: How did your world become this way? What calamity, a thousand years ago, could have shattered the world into a thousand pieces? Deep down you know that the world was not always this way, and your questions are what drive you onward and upward, towards the endless skyline. Worlds Adrift is entering uncharted territory, we’re not sure if some of the things we’re now capable of doing are any fun to play with, and if together they create a game anyone would like to play. After all, what good is a new idea if no one enjoys playing something built with it? This is where you come in. As a player, you know better than anyone what’s fun and what’s not. The devs wish to open up the development of Worlds Adrift so we can go on the journey together, and so you can help craft the game everyone would all love to play. Worlds Adrift is currently in Alpha on Steam and will release in 2016 for PC.


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hey this is The_end_Hunter, im am a 16 year old gamer who does youtube in his spare time(not much), i mainly play building games and simulation games

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